The long-awaited follow-up to The Lemons At Home, WLMN is a symphony in technicolor glory as filtered through a thrifted transistor radio.

The intrepid DJ Lorelei has set sail upon the SS Scout, armed with an endless supply of ditties and jingles that are broadcast out to any willing and unwitting recipients. Tune in and don’t touch that dial!

WLMN has been issued in the following formats:

  • Vinyl, black. We Are Busy Bodies, 2021 (limited to 300)
  • Vinyl, clear, lemonade-filled. We Are Busy Bodies, 2021 (limited to 50)

WLMN track listing

  1. Lemon World
  2. Super Kick
  3. Gummy Worm
  4. Last Bit of My Heart
  5. You’re Gonna Blow It
  6. Cooler
  7. Creature
  8. Hey Tommy
  9. Michael’s Place
  10. The Boy’s a Baby
  11. Two Hands to Hold You
  12. Walking on a Rainbow
  13. The Fool
  14. I’m Sorry Creature
  15. Come See About Me
  16. Turnaround
  17. City Lights