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The Lemons (a.k.a The Lemon Lime Singing Band) have been heard on the records “Hello, We’re The Lemons” and “The Lemons At Home”.

Now you can add “WLMN” to your Lemons Discography!

The Lemons WLMN cover art by G00N$

“WLMN” is a brand new collection of brand new tunes available for the first time in the universe thanks to the studious archivists at WABB Corp, purveyors of the highest quality audio documents. And it’s brand new!

What is WLMN? Well, WLMN are the call letters of a very real, very pirate radio station run by DJ Lorelei somewhere in the seventeen seas that exclusively plays the songs of The Lemons. “WLMN” is a recording of that pirate radio broadcast, made over the course of one evening, as the radio waves bounced around the arctic air, preserved by the technologies developed at WABB, Incorporated. It’s a half-hour listening experience partially-guaranteed to bring at least one smile to your face.

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The Lemons Discography:

So long, folks 🙂

So long, folks!

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