Everybuddy’s A Lemon

At a very small point in history, The Lemons were a road act, bringing joy to strangers in new towns every evening just around suppertime. One of those strangers just happened to run a cassette tape label, and asked if we had any tunes that we could release as a new cassette tape. We said “Sure!” even though we didn’t, so we came up with some and all sang on them and they turned out pretty good! It was called “Everybuddy’s a Lemon” and it was all about how different people play in the band sometimes when they feel like it and when we feel like having them.

Track listing:

  1. JJ’s House
  2. Jimmy Don’t Let Me Down
  3. Jeffrey’s House
  4. Krame’s Theme

I think they made something like 100 copies of this tape.

Sometimes I think Judey is on this tape, too, but it was its own cassingle that we only made a few copies of, with “Big Mac” on the B-side.

JJ’s House, Jeffrey’s House, and Judey all would up on the LP version of Hello, We’re The Lemons. The rest have can only be heard on these super rare cassette tapes.