Everybuddy’s A Lemon

At a very small point in history, The Lemons were a road act, bringing joy to strangers in new towns every evening just around suppertime. One of those strangers just happened to run a cassette tape label, and asked if we had any tunes that we could release as a new cassette tape. We said “Sure!” even though we didn’t, so we came up with some and all sang on them and they turned out pretty good! It was called “Everybuddy’s a Lemon” and it was all about how different people play in the band sometimes when they feel like it and when we feel like having them.

Track listing:

  1. JJ’s House
  2. Jimmy Don’t Let Me Down
  3. Jeffrey’s House
  4. Krame’s Theme

I think they made something like 100 copies of this tape.

Sometimes I think Judey is on this tape, too, but it was its own cassingle that we only made a few copies of, with “Big Mac” on the B-side.

JJ’s House, Jeffrey’s House, and Judey all would up on the LP version of Hello, We’re The Lemons. The rest have can only be heard on these super rare cassette tapes.

Lemoncita 7″

When the lil ol’ Lemons were just a band that sometimes played in musty basements, Gary asked us if we wanted to put out a split 7-inch record with a band from Japan and we said sure! Each of the Lemons wrote a song and we put them all on one side of a small record and it turned out really great! The record pressing plant messed up and put the wrong labels for each side, so if you have one of those you can take that to the bank and trade it for anything your heart desires. Some of them are on kinda translucent green vinyl while other are on black. Super collectable.

Track list:

  1. Lemoncita
  2. Sunset City
  3. Rambo

All of these songs eventually wound up on the full-length album version of Hello, We’re The Lemons.



The long-awaited follow-up to The Lemons At Home, WLMN is a symphony in technicolor glory as filtered through a thrifted transistor radio.

The intrepid DJ Lorelei has set sail upon the SS Scout, armed with an endless supply of ditties and jingles that are broadcast out to any willing and unwitting recipients. Tune in and don’t touch that dial!

WLMN has been issued in the following formats:

  • Vinyl, black. We Are Busy Bodies, 2021 (limited to 300)
  • Vinyl, clear, lemonade-filled. We Are Busy Bodies, 2021 (limited to 50)

WLMN track listing

  1. Lemon World
  2. Super Kick
  3. Gummy Worm
  4. Last Bit of My Heart
  5. You’re Gonna Blow It
  6. Cooler
  7. Creature
  8. Hey Tommy
  9. Michael’s Place
  10. The Boy’s a Baby
  11. Two Hands to Hold You
  12. Walking on a Rainbow
  13. The Fool
  14. I’m Sorry Creature
  15. Come See About Me
  16. Turnaround
  17. City Lights

At Home


The long-awaited follow-up to Hello, We’re The Lemons, At Home finds The Lemons stripping away the bells and whistles that made their debut such a kaleidoscopic kinetoscope flavor in favor of the family sing-along vibration that highlighted many of their most highly regarded live performances. But buyer beware! Things are not always what they seem at the Lemons’ pad.

There are songs about folks and friends and imaginary friends and real strangers, plus just some tunes that were fun to sing at the time. We worked on it for a while and kept the tape running as a bunch of different pals stopped by and chatted, to add to the total vibration of the occasion.

At Home has been issued in the following formats:

  1. Cassette Tape
    • Limited edition, self-released cassette tape
    • Mass marketed cassette tape with bar code
  2. Vinyl album – We Are Busy Bodies, 2019, black vinyl, limited to 300.

Track List
1. Hello Everybuddy
2. Why?
3. Vegetated
4. Are You Feeling Good?
5. Come On June
6. Little Tony
7. Mama’s Coming Back
8. Mickey & Minnie
9. Pico’s Tree
10. Good Times
11. It Won’t Be Long
12. I’ll Tell You What I’ll Do
13. Johnny Are You Home?
14. Jonny Richman
15. I Wanna Be Alone
16. Day By Day
17. Do You Wanna Meet Up?
18. Til The Sun

The original version of At Home was released on Tripp Tapes in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the first Lemons show. Then two and a half years later, We Are Busy Bodies released At Home on twelve inches of black vinyl, playable at thirty-three-and-a-third revolutions per minute, and a special New and Improved version of the album was made available on cassette as well.

Hello, We’re The Lemons

Hello, We’re The Lemons! is the debut album by “the littlest band that could,” The Lemons

Available as both a 14 song cassette tape and a 28 song long-playing vinyl album.

Made by the Lemons, artwork by G00N$

Track List:
(All versions)
1. Lemon Lime
2. My Candy Girl
3. Chubby Checker
4. Ice Cream Shop
5. Baby With a Big Head
6. Where’d I Go?
7. Best Day
8. Monkey Time
9. Seaweed
10. Kool-Aid Box
11. Elephant
12. Margo
13. Jelly Bean
14. Michael Lennie
(Versions 5 and beyond)
15. Jingle Jangle
16. Lemoncita
17. Shark Bait
18. Bum Some Mokers
19. Long Long Hair
20. Lazy Day
21. Memory
22. Judey
23. Jeffrey’s House
24. Being a Man
25. JJ’s House
26. Sunset City
27. Rambo
28. We Are The Lemons