Where are the Lemons now? Who are the Lemons now? Are you a Lemon? Or a Lime?

Somewhere deep in the Seventeen Seas, DJ Lorelei is sending out 300 Hz of citric joy from the SS Scout radio transmitter, and anyone lucky enough to tune into her broadcast signal is in for a treat – a non-stop Lemons station. WLMN is on the airwaves.

Before setting off on her voyage, Lorelei parleyed with Sailor Lou, and walked away with the lost tapes from the Lemon World, never-before-heard tunes, jingles, and jibber-jabber from your favorite five-or-nine-piece garage-folk band. Armed with these and a bountiful supply of sage, Lorelei’s unending transmission brings joy to anyone lucky enough to be in signal range and equipped with a receiver whose dial goes far enough.

The studious archivists at WABB Corp. were fortunate to tune in on a particularly clear evening, and have preserved a portion for future study and enjoyment. Stay tuned for details about “WLMN”, the album and listening experience.

So long, folks!